No Need To Save For A Rainy Day

Learn how the ImageQube Cloud PACS can deliver access to you.

The ImageQube Cloud PACS is simple to use, yet offers advanced functionality. Our cloud data center delivers convenient access with no on-site hardware installation required. All modalities are displayed, including PET Fusion, Digital MG and Tomography. ImageQube has built-in MPR, Peer Review, Critical Results, ED Discrepancy, Instant Messaging, Teleradiology and more. Start Your Free trial!

ImageQube Cloud makes PACS available without any of the usual constraints:

  • No Minimum Volume
  • No Commitment
  • No Up-Front Cost
  • Vendor Neutral Archive
  • Secure Communication - no VPN
  • Unlimited Licenses
  • Disaster Recovery Layer

ImageQube Cloud also includes software upgrades and maintenance and support at no additional cost. Start your no-risk, free trial! No IT Department needed. So simple, it’s almost DIY.

"I have been a satisfied ImageQube user for years. ImageQube not only has the tools for a demanding practice, but adds new functionality I request. Referring physicians get easy access to exams, and the support team is second to none."

Dr. Anthony Larhs
Open Advanced MRI NW
Portland, Gresham, Vancouver


With encrypted and secure, site-specific, remote imaging available anywhere, ImageQube Cloud offers convenience to all. Scalable and fault-tolerant, it fits the needs of users and facilities of any size. Fast, 3:1 compressed communication delivers workflow-enabled real-time access to clients. With no on-site hardware installation required, no IT department is necessary.


Platform independent, the ImageQube Cloud offers the ability to run on any desktop operating system, so users can work on a PC, Mac or Linux workstation. Unlimited licenses of all types allow diagnostic users, referring physicians and facility staff to fully take advantage of the benefits of ImageQube Cloud. In addition to being able to display all modalities, including PET Fusion, Digital MG and Breast Tomography, it has core radiology tools as built-in functionality, including Peer Review, Critical Results, ED Discrepancy, a Mammography application, Master Patient Index, Teleradiology and more. Additional advanced imaging technology, including Cardiac, Ortho and 3D, are available with a one-click launch.


ImageQube Cloud archives are DICOM and vendor-neutral. Documents in virtually any format can be saved with an exam via drag 'n drop. Components include online IntelliNAS (RAID 5/6, fault-tolerant systems), and long-term archives, taking advantage of LTO technology in fully-automated, robotic jukeboxes. Disaster Recovery provides a layer of protection, ensuring duplication of data, archiving not only images, but the database and user preferences, eliminating threats from viruses, hackers and media failures.


Maintenance and support is included with ImageQube Cloud, as well as software upgrades, at no additional charge. ImageQube Cloud support is available 24/7. Auto-diagnostics deliver hands-free monitoring with pre-alerts of any potential problems, resulting in uninterrupted operation of critical applications and no data loss.


RISQUBE is an HL7-compliant interface for RIS, EHR and EMR integration. This configurable engine offers the ability for multiple systems to integrate with ImageQube Cloud PACS simultaneously. Its bi-directional communication capability enables advanced integration functionalities. It receives and stores reports, making them available with exams. We offer support of ADT demographic updates, and print pages can be sent to integrated destinations. Into referring physician reports, RISQUBE can insert a hotlink which launches related exams (or exam images) with a single mouse click.


ImageQube Cloud has versatile options for dictation, including a built-in capability, or integration with third-party vendors, or the ability to save audio files for access by a transcriptionist.